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Which of these is true for you?

Are Any of these True for You?

Is business growth 'lumpy' or slow?

Unsuccessful closing sales?


Need to build value or expand marketing?

Need a strategic plan to secure growth funding?


400% Sales Uplift for Finservices Client

400% Sales growth for Finservices Client

  • A financial services company, was closing only 10% of the sales leads.
  • Within a month of following our selling method 75% of leads were being closed and business quadrupled


39x ROI for Tourism client

39x Return on Investment for Tourism Client

  • A tourism client had been growing unpredictably until stagnation.
  • They needed a reliable way to predict growth 
  • Within a year of the tailor made Total Potential Plan, the business and grew 60% (a 39x Return on Investment in the Plan).


Stuck at a Cross-road? Successfully Navigate Change

If you missed the workshop day, now is a unique opportunity not to be missed, especially if you’ve hit a cross-road, and need to CARVE out the SPACE to get the clarity you need to re-imagine your life, begin re-designing it and building your own success in the 2nd half. We will work through the personal strategy tools to build a personal road-map and discover the new skills that it’s going to take for living in a state of SUCCESS, no matter what the change and uncertainty.

4 Workshops:

  1. Now what? Finding the sweet spot of passion, vocation, mission and direction and re-imagining success for the next phase
  2. What’s next? Setting priorities to enable clear decisions in terms of  avenues to follow
  3. Lets face it: An honest assessment of what’s holding you back
  4. Eating the elephant one bite at a time: develop a step by step practical plan of action

Get ready to deliver


  • Train Marketing and Sales
  • Coach Managers
  • Develop HR Competency Structures
  • Devise Project Management Processes
  • Implement Innovation Processes
  • Without a strong internal capability (skills, systems, structures) that delivers the external vision; any early growth will simply fall apart. Total Potential helps align internal resource with external needs and upskill people to deliver the plan. For sustained growth, we structure and set up processes that remove obstacles to growth that otherwise lie in the path to success.


    Achieve exponential double digit growth through:

    • High energy marketing plan delivery
    • Launching higher margin new products
    • Added value new services
    • Mastering Solution Selling techniques
    • Improved Customer Service