We accelerate growth profitably and provide structure

Total Potential are specialist consultants to companies who are ambitious to grow and expand. We use marketing growth strategies and solution selling to grow the top line sales, exponentially and profitably. One of our clients has  quadrupled business in a month using our techniques. Others generally grow around 40-50% in the year following the plan. We have twice doubled Operating Profit for major global companies in a 2 year period.

Having in-depth commercial experience in the blue chip techniques of large global corporates, we have blueprinted the most successful and scalable methodologies. We  work mainly with medium-large size businesses who have been successful growing, but in a haphazard fashion, and need expert assistance to structure and plan brand and business growth and expansion systematically. In this way,  they can rely on forward figures with confidence (for funding further expansion).


We use multiple disciplines and work in a hands on, collaborative fashion

We use marketing, solution selling and commercial skills face to face via;-

  • Face to face:
    • Workshops- Vision, Brand Positioning, Process, Sales and Marketing Planning
    • Stakeholder Research Interviews, Focus Groups and Experiential Research– with staff, customers, lost customers, competitors
    • Coaching (1:1) and Training (groups) to empower and up-skill staff in Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Personal impact
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Financial Review
    • Strategic Growth Planning – Marketing, Sales, New Products
    • HR Competency Structuring and Role review- Sales and Marketing
    • Process Re-engineering– Innovation, other