From Striving for achievement to returning to self.

From resistance to allowing…

Unlike previous times in my life, when I set goals and went for it…. and yes, objectively speaking, I ‘got there’….for me, and I suspect for many ‘high achievers’ like me … more and more I found this just wasn’t enough to ensure the fulfillment or joyous living I was seeking. While goal setting is still necessary  it’s a necessary but not sufficient condition for successful living…

In the first half, I neglected my internal identity, my essence I suppose, in favour of striving for outcomes, leaning heavily and relying upon my outer world achievements. The world was my oyster and I went from point to point- you know, high school valedictorian, cum laude, blue chip multinational annual promotions and reviews. And to a point, it worked! I was able to achieve outward success very fast, and very early. I for one, felt proud of my achievements, it gave me a sense of worth I had not gotten innately, a sense that I could control outcomes or “get good circumstances” as a result of feeding in the right inputs. But more and more, I saw that the world is not linear or logical. It’s messy and complicated, with stresses and responsibilities mounting rather than subsiding as Iive gotten older. The implication has been confusion, procrastination, and often, deep dissatisfaction. It’s been a “stuckness” and relative lack of achievement that I just never experienced when I was younger

Why? I think it’s exactly this reliance on, and imbalanced strengthening of outer world skills, that causes the neglected inner world to erupt in painful screams due to its lack of control over outcomes and the frightening uncertainty that results.

I started to notice that Input no longer was directly proportional to output: so I began finding that circumstance or outcomes felt more and more out of my control. I wonder if any of this sounds familiar to you?

And because I was looking at outward achievement- because I relied on outcomes-  I looked externally, I let circumstance and other people (that I felt I should have been able to influence) define me: good circumstance= happy, bad result= moaned/ blamed myself endlessly with a lot of shame, self-flagellation and very little forgiveness. I was out of control of my own experience of life. So I tried to control circumstance.

I have had to learn to travel through this murky muck and keep walking, defeat after defeat after monotonous defeat! Sometimes clutching at straws, sometimes holding onto a belief that one right step after the other will bring me there… there is just a time delay. That its like an underground stream that you cannot see until it reaches the ocean. Until I began to see the light again.

I realised that the second half has to be consciously re-designed by stepping back and giving myself the gift of clarity: strategically examining and consciously re-imagining the second half. Then its about learning the skills to making that change stick and that actually change the neural pathways.

But Stepping back to ‘sharpen the saw’, gain clarity of vision and strategically re-imagining a different and better second half is necessary but not enough. Knowing one’s new purpose and direction, is necessary but not enough. Because habits of thinking, doing are so strong. So enforced, so entrenched. The power to shift that inertia has to be huge at first to encourage commitment to pay the price, then the momentum has to be maintained through daily conscious self- discipline and restriction. For it’s in the doing, at first with the little building blocks of skill that will mold and shape and actually design new neural pathways, which will allow the first, and then the series of little 1% changes in thinking, beliefs and behaviors that will eventually string together to bring about lasting change that actually sticks.

None of this was/would be possible without this…. I had to learn to “love and accept myself exactly as I was” with all my mistakes, regrets and disappointments… all the times I fell short of the high mark I set, real acceptance of what is ‘wrong’ with me. Because you cannot pull yourself up from underneath a pile of effluent. Its simply too slippery. And that, in and of itself, I had to learn is its own structured journey, not a snap change.

If you are ready to redesign your life and need support in making the changes necessary to move from stuck-ness to success-ness give me a call on 0726464184. Tess

Maximize your Potential Success in the second half- navigate change proactively

5 Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business for Sale (fast)

After setting your objectives (see my blog: 4 focus areas); you need to build strategies- how you are going to achieve the goals you just set.

Here are 5 Key ones to start:


1.    Focus: Target more narrowly and more accurately 

The # of buyers will increase when your growth plan delineates more accurate targeting on the 80/20 rule or using a balanced scorecard. You should rank in descending order of where you are going to get the best ROI of spending time servicing this client or customer.

For example: One of our customers, a Sailing company, realized he was totally targeting the wrong market- he was targeting individual sailors, who were in any case habitual buyers, when actually the corporate market was of much higher value. By altering where he spent his funds, he increased sales by 48% in a year.

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Focus on these 4 areas to Grow your Business for Sale

Hi again, this is a case of thinking like your prospective buyer. To grow your sale price, quite simply you need to grow in ways that is going to be important to the prospective buyer, why he/she will pay more your biz vs. for any other similar biz on the market. There is no silver bullet in this one guys, your business value will grow when the current and the perceived future value grows.

Where to start? Well, in order to grow the topline sales value you need first a written plan

(Goals with practical detailed strategies)  that you then follow (implement). 


Believe me people, it wont just happen organically, you have to be disciplined in thinking it up, committing it to writing, and then manifesting it.  Of course you can ‘wing it’, but your results will be at least less than half of the sale price you could get with a good plan. If I were you, I would start 2-3 years in advance at least, to give yourself a chance to manifest the growth that will come from following a well-balanced and creative marketing and business plan. A Plan is crucial if you ever want to raise money to expand – as a prospectus to hand over to. Of course, there are tons of people who do ‘plans’ that are virtually cut and paste descriptions of your current business. This wont help you do squat.(sorry). This is not what you need. You need a business growth plan or marketing growth plan. A plan that will show you HOW to grow, and not just who you are or what you need to do. You should expect actual examples or how to do things in a cost efficient and creative way.

In your planning, I recommend you focus on the following 4 areas, or objectives, from which the strategies are derived.

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5 Winning Sales Strategies for Business to Business- Case Study and Cheat Sheet

Hi there, take a look at this LinkedIn testimonial we received from one of our Finservices clients which outlines their exponential growth. Then I will tell you how it was achieved, and give you a cheat sheet to follow for yourselves.

We engaged Total Potential because we were having difficulty closing on our opportunities. Tess did a wonderful job simplifying our service and in particular focusing on the real expertise our customers wanted. Tess was easy to work with but at same time directed us to be able to communicate clearly our value. Result was we successfully closed 75% of all opportunities instead of 10% prior to working with Total Potential. I would recommend Tess to any organisation who needs to simplify their message and be able to clearly articulate the must have benefits of engaging with you.” September 7, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

1st Joe Boyd hired Tessa as a marketing in 2011, and hired Tessa more than once

This client was able to more than quadruple their sales performance in one month. Here are the 5 ways they achieved the outcome that you could apply to your business.
  1. Optimise prospect list
  2.  Disqualify prospects early- ready to buy?
  3. Check prospects able to buy
  4. Sell benefits
  5. Structure your offer professionally