Recent Client Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of how grateful I am for all the wonderful and insightful business teachings I have learned from Tessa Plen through the Seed Academy thus far. It has been extremely valuable for me to learn about running a private practice as a business. In the healthcare industry, we are not taught the basics of managing finances, how to do sales and marketing and reach the greater community with our services. This program has taught me how to change my mindset and literally grow the practice as business and not to prioritize my assumptions about patient’s finances over the their healthcare needs.” Varsha Sewpersad. Audiologist. South Africa 2017

“Tessa gets to the nub of complex problems  incredibly fast. She did an excellent job of marketing planning with a templated system that we used for planning each year thereafter. Results speak for themselves: by following the plan, our sales grew 50%  over 2 years”

Mike Fisher- Brita Water Filters

We’ve been working with Tessa for 12 months now. Tessa brings a deep understanding of marketing strategy and implementation to every project. Her ability to see things through a different lens provides an excellent counterpoint to existing management thinking and creates new growth options for the business.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Adam Ramshaw
hired Tessa as a Business Consultant , and hired Tessa more than once

“I used to visit GP’s for referrals but to be honest, I wasn’t sure they were even keeping my business cards. Now, within a month of using the sales scripts we developed, I have been getting 3 times the number of new patients through referrals, and they are arriving with an actual letter of referral from their GP’s. The scripts really work- they are clear, professional, practical and straight to the point.  GP’s are taking me more seriously they look at me differently because I am offering them a professional solution to their issues and not simply trying to ask them for business.  It has made me feel so encouraged and excited.” Refiloe Maloa. Audiologist. Midrand. South Africa 2017


We engaged Total Potential because we were having difficulty closing on our opportunities. Tess did a wonderful job simplifying our service and in particular focusing on the real expertise our customers wanted. Tess was easy to work with but at same time directed us to be able to communicate clearly our value. Result was we successfully closed 75% of all opportunities instead of 10% prior to working with Total Potential. I would recommend Tess to any organisation who needs to simplify their message and be able to clearly articulate the must have benefits of engaging with you.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

1st Joe Boyd -ABJ Business Solutions hired Tessa as a marketing consultant, and hired Tessa more than once


We engaged Tess to assist us in redefining our business and sales strategy, resulting in a clear company vision and goals. Tess showed a great ability to understand our business and market positioning and provide recommendations leading to a renewed focus for the company. I found Tess accessible, responsive and easy to work with, and willingly recommend her services.” March 20, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Gavin Ewer Finpacific Treasury
hired Tessa as a Business Consultant

“I am using her on a programme already where she is training on solution selling, specifically cold calling and preparing to meet with customers precisely because it is practical and implementable and I think she will be a very good specialist mentor for your entrepreneurs and as a partner for masterclasses.”  Elmarie Goosen: On Purpose Consulting